Hello! I'm Marty, a full-stack web developer.

I specialise in architecting and developing large-scale technical solutions while keeping them simple, scalable and efficient.

About Me

I am a self-taught full-stack web developer based in Australia with experience across many disciplines including infrastructure management, backend development and frontend development.

My career so far has been equal parts agency and startup. Agency taught me to work efficiently, meet and manage client expectations and constantly think on my feet in the face of constant new challenges. The startup environment has allowed me to focus on stretching my core skills to their limits and become a leading talent among my peers in the industry.

The style of work I enjoy the most is in a support role where I can increase the productivity and enjoyment of a wider team by streamlining and extending automation, building and maintaining shared libraries and packages to provide common functionality and leveraging my knowledge and experience in software architecture for large systems in a way that will allow them to reach their scaling potential while simultaneously improving developer experience.

Skills & Technology


Core skills and technology that I work with the most consistently.



Additional skills and technology that I have a high proficiency in but aren't necessarily my bread and butter.


Work Highlights

Content Automation

I led (from a technical perspective) and delivered a project that schedules and composes financial content at scale, delivering hundreds of automated articles across multiple news outlets every day.

These articles served as our largest source of new user registrations by a significant margin over multiple years, allowing us to grow with close to zero cost overhead.

Custom eCommerce

I have worked on completely custom user-facing and back-of-house e-commerce software.

I have developed order aggregation and fulfilment software to streamline picking and packing of orders across multiple brands and sources. This software has improved the throughput efficiency for new orders by many multiples.

GraphQL Adoption

I successfully championed the adoption of GraphQL in our team. This involved consistent RFC processes, CI/CD improvements, refactoring, development of templates and writing of documentation.

GraphQL is now a beloved technology within the team that is enabling significantly accelerated delivery of new features and functionality.


Thoughts on GraphQL After 2 Years

GraphQL has become my favourite technology to work with across my 12+ year career so far. I would recommend it to any organisation looking to build a large API since it can easily scale with the team and the requirements of the business.