Hello! I'm Marty – a web developer.

I specialise in architecting and developing large-scale technical solutions while keeping them simple, scalable and efficient.

About Me

I am a self-taught full-stack web developer based in Australia with experience across many disciplines including infrastructure management, backend development and frontend development.

My career blends agency and startup experiences. Working in agencies honed my efficiency, client management, and adaptability to tackle ever-changing challenges. Within startups, I've pushed my core skills to excel, emerging as a standout talent in the industry.

I thrive in a support role that boosts team productivity and satisfaction. My focus lies in streamlining processes through automation, developing and managing shared libraries, and leveraging my expertise in software architecture for large systems. This approach not only facilitates scalability but also enhances the overall developer experience.

My Skills & Technology


Career Highlights

Content Automation

I led (from a technical perspective) and delivered a project that schedules and composes financial content at scale, delivering hundreds of automated articles across multiple news outlets every day.

These articles served as our largest source of new user registrations by a significant margin over multiple years, allowing us to grow with close to zero cost overhead.

Custom eCommerce

I have worked on completely custom user-facing and back-of-house e-commerce software.

I have developed order aggregation and fulfilment software to streamline picking and packing of orders across multiple brands and sources. This software has improved the throughput efficiency for new orders by many multiples.

GraphQL Adoption

I successfully championed the adoption of GraphQL in our team. This involved consistent RFC processes, CI/CD improvements, refactoring, development of templates and writing of documentation.

GraphQL is now a beloved technology within the team that is enabling significantly accelerated delivery of new features and functionality.

Role History

Simply Wall St

Oct 2017 - Present

My original responsibilities at Simply Wall St were within the growth team, where I was able to help design and then take on the development work of software that drove the lion's share of our user acquisition over multiple years.

I have since transitioned onto the platform team, where I look after much of the foundational architecture that the business runs on, such as GraphQL. I am responsible for developer experience across engineering teams and driving discussions and decision making for new and improved ways to deliver technical work that help the team and our customers alike.

My long tenure combined with my involvement and exposure to most of the systems that Simply Wall St runs on puts me in a unique position of being a go-to resource for newer and longer serving staff alike, which allows me to act as a strong force multiplier.


Sep 2021 - Present

I work with clients ranging from individuals to large corporations to streamline internal processes with software solutions designed, developed and maintained by myself. Examples of this include:

  • Bespoke CRM software for teams who want a specific experience for their staff and to avoid the ongoing cost of using off the shelf enterprise products.
  • Fulfilment software to streamline the packing and shipping process for orders across multiple brands and points of purchase.
  • Consolidation of third party products and tooling into one optimised workflow.

My clients are able to access the full breadth and depth of my agency and software startup experiences for anything from consultation on new software business ideas through to the complete orchestration and execution of those ideas.


Feb 2015 - Sep 2017

Worked within a small development team of less than 5 people that sat within the broader Ensemble business, enriching their marketing projects with digital elements including bespoke self-service software for Nestlé pop-up stores. As the sole developer with backend and infrastructure experience on the team, I was responsible for the overall technical execution of these projects, which included setting up and managing the on-site hardware and cloud infrastructure, bug fixes and improvements often during business hours, and ensuring a smooth experience for the client, their customers and their staff.

I was also responsible for more typical web-based projects such as small business websites built on WordPress or Craft CMS and tooling for both internal use and for our clients to improve business operations and streamline clunky processes.

Who I Work With

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